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Alumni Snapshot: KT Lowe

A photo of KT on Jeopardy. KT Lowe. Master of Science in Information, 2011. Assistant Librarian for Instruction at Indiana University East.

Thursday, 12/08/2022

KT Lowe has done it all. From researching the history of chocolate to leading workshops on poetry and rock and roll, the self-described “geek” has lived many lives. She’s even been a contestant on Jeopardy

As the assistant librarian for instruction at Indiana University East, KT loves exploring new topics, helping the public access important information and advocating for students. 

A 2011 Master of Science in Information graduate from the University of Michigan School of Information, KT most enjoyed taking classes with professors Bob Frost and Paul Conway while learning how to research anything and everything fun. 

“Do the thing that matters to you, to your community, and makes you stand up for what you believe in.”

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