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Cliff Lampe talks social media during a pandemic election year on Michigan Radio’s Stateside

Thursday, 09/24/2020

UMSI Professor Cliff Lampe recently joined “Stateside” host April Baer for a wide-ranging conversation about the current state social media, with a special focus on its role during this pandemic election year.

In the interview, Lampe noted that the misinformation and disinformation so prevalent in social media right now presents a thorny problem. While there are things that could be done to combat the problems, legally and technically they are very difficult to implement.

“Our biggest challenge is the First Amendment,” said Lampe. “I don’t mean this is a challenge, but it’s a core principle of American rights, and something we should take very carefully and very seriously. And when you’re talking about regulating social media you’re often talking about regulating the ability of people to speak freely and to share information.”

Lampe also weighed in on the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma.”

“One of the things that I think was dissatisfying for me …  was that at the end of the day they blame the companies and surveillance capitalism for all these effects in society, and I think that’s letting humans off the hook a little bit too easily.”

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- Jessica Webster, UMSI PR Specialist