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University of Michigan School of Information


Lampe: Law enforcement is charging right-wing groups to prevent violence

Quoted by The Associated Press. Professor Cliff Lampe. 2 alleged ‘boogaloo’ members arrested in Michigan and Ohio.

Friday, 11/04/2022

With ongoing threats of violence from anti-government and white supremacist groups leading up to the election, federal agents are tracking online behaviour in an effort to halt domestic terrorism plots. 

A recent article by AP discusses two recent arrests made by law enforcement in an attempt to curtail potential violence. 

Professor Cliff Lampe, an expert on digital communications at the University of Michigan School of Information, was cited in the article.

“Sometimes, law enforcement in all areas, city through federal, will bring charges in order to bring a person closer to law enforcement to observe them,” Lampe said.


Read “2 alleged ‘boogaloo’ members arrested in Michigan and Ohio” on AP. 

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