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Rampton: Information transparency is critical in increasing public trust

Quoted by BridgeDetroit. Lecturer III James Rampton. Michigan Central is collecting.a lot of data. Can we trust it?

Thursday, 12/07/2023

Start-up companies in Michigan Central, an innovation hub founded by Ford Motor Company, are collecting data on community members using AI-driven technology. 

This has left residents concerned about bias, surveillance and policing. 

In an effort to increase trust around the use of technology in public spaces, Michigan Central has adopted  the “Digital Trust for Places & Routines” standard. 

University of Michigan School of Information lecturer James Rampton, an expert on automotive UX, spoke with BridgeDetroit about the new initiative and what it means for transparency. 

“It’s crucial that [Michigan Central] has a trusted source that has a program in place to convey that information that’s not biased by a certain company,” he said. “They’re being a part of this broader community about information transparency.”


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 — Noor Hindi, UMSI public relations specialist