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Sun Young Park Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Grant Award

Tuesday, 04/14/2020

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced that Sun Young Park is a recipient of the prestigious CAREER Grant Award for her project “Advancing Pediatric Patient-Provider Communication through Collaborative Tracking and Data Sharing.” Park is assistant professor of information, School of Information and assistant professor of art and design, Penny W Stamps School of Art and Design. 

This research project investigates how mobile, ubiquitous, and cloud-based computing and informatics can support collaborative communication among children, parents, and healthcare providers. 

"My research aims to help children with chronic health conditions and their families better understand their physical health and social and emotional needs to communicate effectively with their health providers and become informed collaborators in their care plan,” says Park. “Through this research, I hope to empower these child patients to become active, engaged actors in their illness management and care."

The research will work to directly involve children in their own healthcare, with their parents and medical providers as collaborating stakeholders. It brings focus to the acute difficulties of and need for information sharing and communication among stakeholders in children’s healthcare. 

“The insights I gain from observing and talking to a diverse set of users like child patients, their parent caregivers, physicians, nurses and child psychologists — each with their own unique needs, goals, and expectations — enable me to create the best possible tech, designed to address user needs thoroughly and holistically,” Park says. “The most effective designs come from deep analysis.”

The National Science Foundation CAREER awards are National Science Foundation awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through research, education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations.

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Sun Young Park Receives National Science Foundation Career Grant Award |