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Abigail Jacobs in the News

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Quoted by IEEE Spectrum. Assistant Professor Abigail Jacobs. AI is being built on dated, flawed motion capture data.

Jacobs: Flawed assumptions in AI are leading to ‘errors’ and inadequate representations of the body


New research by UMSI assistant professor Abigail Jacobs is featured in IEEE Spectrum, a technology magazine. 

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Microsoft Research AI and Society Fellowship. Abigail Jacobs. Assistant professor.

UMSI assistant professor Abigail Jacobs earns Microsoft Research AI and Society Fellowship


The fellowship will support Jacobs’ research on harms caused by artificial intelligence systems and how researchers and policymakers can better measure those harms.

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Assistant professor Abigail Jacobs stands in front of an academic building on the University of Michigan campus.

AI and the human body: Hidden assumptions in motion capture can have serious impact


A new study from Abigail Jacobs shows when designers use inaccurate depictions of the human body, the use of artificial intelligence in some applications might not be as safe for those who don't fit that body type.

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Giant "ai" in blue with background phrases reading "fairness and equity," "privacy and security," "regulatory landscape," "harm mitigation," "safety and security" in yellow, orange, and blue.

Unveiling the future: UMSI experts share insights on AI in 2024


Five UMSI experts talk about the future of AI and their fears and hopes for 2024 around regulation, data access and artificial intelligence. 

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GPT-4, Automated Vehicles, Privacy Concerns. Check out UMSI faculty and PhD student publications.

GPT-4 | Automated Vehicles | Privacy Concerns: UMSI Research Roundup


Recent UMSI faculty and PhD student publications.

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Social Media, Bias and POPQUORN. Check out UMSI faculty and PhD student publications.

Social media, bias and POPQUORN: UMSI Research Roundup


Recent UMSI faculty and PhD student publications.

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UMSI research roundup. 2023 conference on human factors in computing services (CHI). Check out faculty and PhD student publications.

UMSI at CHI 2023: Research, workshops, courses


Recent UMSI researchers and PhD student publications and workshops for the 2023 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

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"Essay in The Regulatory Review, Assistant professor Abigail Jacobs, 'The Hidden Governance in AI.'"  Headshot of Abigail Jacobs.

Jacobs: Oversight is needed for government use of artificial intelligence


Abigail Jacobs, an expert in inequality in sociotechnical systems, writes an opinion piece in The Regulatory Review about the issues with government AI systems, and how it could improve.

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A graphic that congraduatles Andrea Thomer,  Abigail Jacobs, Sarita Schoenebeck and Eric Gilber

Four UMSI faculty to receive data science grants


Four UMSI faculty are among the awardees of the first round of MIDAS grants to propel data science.

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