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University of Michigan School of Information


About the Academic Programs and Student Life team

The Academic Programs and Student Life (APSL) team is situated within the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. This team leads a wide range of success-oriented work with and for current students at the School of Information (UMSI) across academic programs. There are four main pillars of work within the APSL team including academic program management, academic advising, student success and support and student life. Additionally, we assist students with personal concerns and navigation challenges, both directly and through referrals to campus services and resources. Our team develops and implements student assessment and evaluation for the academic programs and our team’s services and works with students and faculty to develop new programs and initiatives.

APSL Team annual reports




Katy Peters, Director of Student Success and Residential Programs

DeAndre Caldwell, Student Support Manager

Natalie Drobny, Academic Advisor (MHI/MSI Programs)

Shannon Gass, Assistant Director of Academic Success

Kelli Lance, Student Life Program Assistant

Josh Lee, Associate Director of Residential Student Academic Affairs and Programs (BSI, MHI, and MSI programs)

Allie Prough, Academic Advisor (MHI/MSI programs)

Allison Sweet, Senior Assistant Director of Student Life

Libby Siecinski, Academic Advisor (BSI program)

We also have an amazing team of graduate student interns and peer mentors supporting our work in academic advising, academic success and student life!