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University of Michigan School of Information


Alumni career support & services

UMSI Career Development Office - Alumni Support & Services

All UMSI alumni have lifetime access to UMSI CareerLink for job postings as well as access to thousands of employer connections. 

All new UMSI grads receive full access to Career Development Office advising and services for up to four months beyond graduation. 

U-M University Career Center - Alumni Support & Services

All U-M alumni who are recent graduates (within two years of graduation) can schedule Career Advising Appointments through Handshake.

Beyond two years, all alumni have access to many career resources, as well as access to Career Fairs and other recruiting activities. Keep in mind that many recruiting activities are geared toward current students and new graduates, but they can provide you with tools and access to employer contacts. 

U-M Alumni Association - Alumni Support & Services

The U-M Alumni Association offers career development support, networking events, virtual career coaching and professional development opportunities to all U-M alumni. Here are just a few of the valuable services they offer:

  • A new and improved job board for alumni and employers
  • Monthly career webinars on a range of career development topics
  • A robust career coaches referral system
  • Leaders of Industry events in various geographic locations
  • Job Search 101: Landing Your Best Job in Five Steps

Wherever your path leads you, the Alumni Career Program is here to break down the often overwhelming job search process with this step-by-step catalog of tools, strategies and resources. For each phase of your job search journey, the Alumni Career Program has everything you need to learn, from how to write a stronger resume to how to negotiate a higher salary.

Bookmark this page and let the Alumni Career Program help you get your next job.

U-M CEW+ Career Education & Counseling

CEW+ assists hundreds of individuals each year as they make decisions about their future through free counseling that is open to everyone at U-M and in the community.

Start Networking Today! 

We encourage all alumni to join the U-M Alumni LinkedIn Group and the UMSI Alumni LinkedIn Group to start networking today.