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University of Michigan School of Information


Opportunities to engage with students

Be a client in a UX, web, data, social media, library or archives course and interact with a student team while receiving help with your information challenges. You can find out more about these opportunities in websites and user experience, libraries and archives, health informatics, data analysis, social media, and other programs in the menu at left.

By connecting with student organizations, you have an exclusive opportunity to promote your organization while identifying and working with top talent. Student-led career programs at UMSI include design jams, data jams, archives blitzes, networking sessions and career panels.

Student organizations are an excellent way to make a connection with UMSI students for recruiting purposes. Many recruiting organizations find that making connections with the many student organizations on campus to be an easy and effective way to increase brand recognition and identify potential candidates adept in team settings, demonstrating leadership and high-achieving in their functional skills.

Some of the options you can choose from:

  • Employer presentations or brown-bag seminars
  • Resume, cover letter or portfolio review sessions
  • Employer panels
  • Design jams, data jams or archive blitzes (see below)
  • Service projects
  • Mock interviews (in-person, video or telephone)
  • "Ask the Recruiter" sessions
  • Sponsorship of off-campus activities
  • Or make your own!

Contact the Career Development Office to discuss your needs and get connected.

A design jam is a two- to three-hour event at which graduate students from the School of Information (including the health informatics program) who are studying human computer interaction (HCI) respond to real-world, user-centered design problems directly for sponsoring companies. Previous design jams have been sponsored by organizations ranging from Google to the U-M Health System.

Design jams are coordinated by the Student Organization for Computer Human Interaction (SOCHI) with support from the UMSI Career Development Office. 

Participating in a design jam allows your organization to:

  • Provide exposure to cutting-edge usability techniques
  • Apply new prototyping/mock-up technologies
  • Find solutions to a design problem
  • Deepen knowledge of user-centered design techniques that students practice 
  • Engage with student talent for recruiting needs  
  • Evaluate talent, skills and “fit” for organizational needs
  • Develop your company brand/presence at the School of Information
Design jam

You’ll bring a design problem, a specific issue that your company or organization is trying to solve.  An appropriate problem should include constraints and focus on a single problem to better focus students’ work for a short period of time. The problem should encourage user-centered thinking. It can also be related to interaction design, the user interface or user behavior. 

At the design jam, you’ll get a chance to meet the students, make an introduction, present the problem, provide any additional information that might inspire solutions, participate in brainstorming, work with groups who are preparing your deliverables and see presentations made by those groups that offer options to resolve your issue.

Some previous design jam problems include:

  • Website redesign brainstorming
  • Designing interactive interface
  • Designing a mobile interface for a current website
  • Adding new functions to a current interface
  • Creating tracking tools for user behavior

If you would like to sponsor a design jam at UMSI, please complete this form. All design jam proposals will be reviewed within two to three business days. 

If you have questions or would like more information on UMSI design jams, please contact

data jam

A data jam is a two- to three-hour event at which School of Information students who are interested in data analysis respond to real-world data sets to solve problems presented in the data and discover further intriguing hidden information for sponsoring companies in order to inform their business decisions.

Data jams are coordinated by the Student Organization for Data Analytics (SODA) with support from the UMSI Career Development Office.

Employers reap the following benefits from data jams:

  • Innovative student approach to analyzing a data set to impact your business in more meaningful ways
  • Cutting edge tech skills to solve business problems/challenges
  • Deeper observation into student talent, skills in action and collaboration for your recruiting/organizational needs
  • Outcomes could include data collection, analysis and presentation

You’ll come with a data problem, including predetermined questions and a given data set (usually in tabular form) and can also expect to discover interesting, unknown patterns found during the exploration. The questions may be quantitative, requiring statistical understanding and modeling, or qualitative, with an interpreted conclusion drawn from the data or a visual representation.

During the data jam, you’ll meet the students, present your problem, participate in student problem-solving and brainstorming, and hear the presentations after groups have created your deliverables. Previous data jam deliverables have included creation of interactive maps, content analysis of YouTube comments, creation of heat maps of populations reached, proposed new database schemes, and a wide variety of other projects.

If you would like to sponsor a data jam at UMSI, please complete this form. All data jam proposals will be reviewed within two to three business days.

If you have questions or would like more information on UMSI data jams, please contact

Kelsey Museum Archive Blitz

An archives blitz is a half- to full-day event in which UMSI archives students work with a local repository, archive, library, etc. to gain hands-on archival experience. The goal is to offer a real, concrete archival experience for students while simultaneously assisting an organization with a project.

Generally, blitzes last from three to six hours, with varying numbers of students. The host organization explains the collection as well as any necessary guidelines and procedures for working with the collection. Students then go to work, either in teams or individually, depending upon the collection and the goal of the blitz. Lunch is often served after the blitz when both students and archivists can further engage about professional development.

Archives blitzes are coordinated by the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Student Chapter at the University of Michigan. They can help your organization to:

  • Complete an urgent or overdue project or get a fresh perspective on a stalled project
  • Engage and network with student archivists from UMSI
  • Learn about and experience the latest cutting edge collections practice from students
  • See UMSI students’ skills in action firsthand
  • Identify and evaluate future interns or employees
  • Spread the word about a collection

Submit a proposed archives blitz by completing this form.

If you have questions or would like more information about archives blitzes, contact the SAA student group,

Students showing projects at Exposition

Every April, students showcase a wide range of course and independent projects via posters and lightning talks to industry partners, employers and the general community.