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University of Michigan School of Information

Anubha Singh

Anubha Singh

PhD Student Email:


I am a doctoral candidate at the School of Information, University of Michigan. As an information scholar, I study the automated regulation and control of transnational food supply chains. Through ethnographic inquiry, I study the "everyday politics" of automation in food governance and interrogate the many technological promises that sustain it.



Areas of interest

agricultural anthropology, logistics and supply chain studies, postcolonial and feminist science and technology studies, history of computing and technology, infrastructure studies, critical cultural studies


M.A. Global Digital Cultures (SOAS, University of London)

M.A. Social Work (University of Delhi)


"U-M researchers look at the ethics and equity of one-sided health monitoring of delivery workers during COVID" Picture of a food delivery worker wearing a red shirt, mask and gloves handing over a delivery to a customer who is not wearing any protective gear.
Widespread tracking of health data from gig workers creates issues in ethics, equality, and data privacy

New research by doctoral candidate Anubha Singh examines the ethics and equity of data collection for food delivery gig workers in India during the COVID-19 crisis.


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