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University of Michigan School of Information

Carl Lagoze

Carl Lagoze

Adjunct Associate Professor of Information, School of Information Email: Phone: 734/764-5876
Office: School of Information/105 S. State Street Faculty Role: Adjunct Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: No


The overarching theme of my research for the past two decades is interoperability in information systems, spanning the full spectrum of the technical and human components that are critical to create networked information systems that really work. Although the results of this research apply across a variety of information contexts, the primary thread of my research explores information systems to support scholarship and knowledge production. The principal question we ask is: how do we build and sustain cyberinfrastructure that supports the full cycle scholarship and that respects the cultural, methodological, and social variance among fields of scholarship? Some relevant sub questions of this primary issue are: what are the methodological approaches and theoretical foundations relevant to understanding the nuanced variations and scholars’ attitudes towards technical cyberinfrastructure? And: how do we design technical cyberinfrastructure that simultaneously supports large-scale interoperability it respects the diversity scholarship? Finally: How do we accommodate multiple levels of expertise (e.g., citizen scientists) while maintaining quality and integrity? These are essential questions at a time of significant investment in cyberinfrastructure by governments and funders and the emergence of critical scientific questions such as climate change and global pandemics, the investigation of which requires cross-disciplinary collaborations and cyberinfrastructure support.

Areas of interest

Cyberinfrastructure, eScience, digital libraries, citizen science, scientometrics


BA in Urban Studies, Cornell

PhD in Information Science, Cornell



Carl Lagoze
Lagoze receives grant to design new collaborative research framework

Carl Lagoze and Pamela Moss will pioneer new collaborative research infrastructures that transcend limits of conventional publishing.

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