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Gabriel Grill

Gabriel Grill


I am a PhD candidate advised by Christian Sandvig and Silvia Lindtner. My research interests center around the social study of algorithms, platforms, supply chains, and performance measures and their entanglement with discourse, culture, and labor. My dissertation research focuses on technologies used for risk assessment, supply chain management, and affect/emotion recognition.

I am affiliated with the Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing (ESC), the Infrastructure Lab and the Tech.Culture.Matters. research collective. I previously studied Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology and completed exchanges to EPFL, University of Waterloo, and Telecom ParisTech. I also conducted research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo.



Areas of interest

feminist science and technology studies, algorithm studies, infrastructure studies, platforms and supply chains

News about Gabriel Grill

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