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University of Michigan School of Information

Karandeep Singh

Karandeep Singh

Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor of Urology, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer of Artificial Intelligence, Medical School and Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information Email: [email protected] Phone: 734/936-1649
Office: Learning Health Sciences/1161H North Ingalls Building Faculty Role: Faculty Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: Yes Dr. Singh's Department of Learning Health Sciences website profile


“Quoted by The Wall Street Journal. Assistant Professor Karandeep Singh. ‘How Hospitals Are Using AI to Save Lives.’ UMSI.”
Singh: AI could be a useful tool in emergency departments, but use it wisely

AI could be a useful tool in emergency healthcare situations, quickly analyzing problems and potential solutions. But Karandeep Singh points out that it is important to know when — and when not — to use the technology.


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A headshot of Assistant Professor Karandeep Singh. "UMSI Research: Quantification of Sepsis Model Alerts in 24 US Hospitals Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic"
Study of 24 U.S. hospitals shows onset of COVID-19 led to spike in sepsis alerts

A descriptive study in JAMA Network Open found a significant jump in sepsis alerts after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite lower patient numbers from canceled elective surgeries.

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