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University of Michigan School of Information

Pelle Tracey

Pelle Tracey


Pelle Tracey is Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan School of Information, where he is advised by Dr. Patricia Garcia. He is a member of the Culturally Responsive Computing and Anthrotech Labs, and is the Research Operations Lead for the Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing. He uses a mixture of methods to investigate infrastructure, bureaucracy, algorithms, and data work, particularly in frontline government contexts. 

His current work uses ethnographic methods to examine how cities in the US make sense of homelessness through data, and how people experiencing homelessness make sense of this state response. His work draws from, and contributes to, CSCW, Critical Data Studies, Media Studies, and HCI.




Areas of interest

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Media Studies, Critical Data Studies, Algorithms in Practice, Government Algorithms, Archival Studies

Honors & Awards

Google AIR Award (2022); LEADING Fellowship (2022)

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