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University of Michigan School of Information

Ron Eglash

Ron Eglash

Professor of Information, School of Information and Professor of Art and Design, Penny W Stamps School of Art and Design Email: [email protected] Phone: 734/763-2285
Office: School of Information/105 S. State St. Faculty Role: Faculty Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: Yes Personal website generativejustice News About Ron Eglash

News about Ron Eglash

"Quoted by Science News, Professor Ron Eglash, Non-western art and design can reveal alternate ways of thinking about math, UMSI logo,, photo of Ron Eglash"
Eglash: Contemporary math often excludes non-Western ideas

UMSI professor Ron Eglash is an expert in ethnomathematics. He tells Science News, “There is a relationship between the geometric meaning and the social meaning.”

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Ron Eglash holds a bead necklace in front of the job's tears plant.
Connecting the world, one bead at a time

UMSI professor Ron Eglash partnered with the African Bead Museum and the Stamps School of Art and Design to create a greenhouse lush with plants from Africa.

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