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Through Summer in Seoul, interns gain an inside look at high tech in Asia

UMSI’s summer internship program in Seoul provides international perspective and work experience in a high tech market.

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Michigan team competes in Amazon challenge to make AI more engaging

The team of twelve students is one of ten worldwide working to give Amazon’s Alexa more human-like conversational skills.

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Four UMSI faculty to receive data science grants

Four UMSI faculty are among the awardees of the first round of MIDAS grants to propel data science.

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Daniel Atkins named 2019 AAAS fellow

Daniel E. Atkins, Emeritus W.K. Kellogg Professor of Information and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is among 22 University of Michigan faculty members newly elected as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

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What humans want in an automated car

There are three human personality traits that we want to see in our driverless cars, whether we possess them or not. 

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Leo Sarkisian's 'Music Time in Africa': U-M archivist, anthropologist revive popular Voice of America show

In September 2014, two University of Michigan professors received a phone call that would set them on a race to save more than a half century of African music.

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'Throwaway' social profiles may have a place on some platforms, with some topics

New research shows that so-called throwaway profiles can be good for adults who need to test the waters on subjects that might cause them shame or pain if they were to share as themselves.

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Yan Chen honored for furthering the status of women in economics

Yan Chen, Daniel Kahneman Collegiate Professor of Information, is the recipient of the 2019 Carolyn Shaw Bell award. 

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Two UMSI faculty named Distinguished ACM Members in 2019

Stephanie Teasley and Mark Newman are honored for contributions to the computing field.

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GIEP students put UMSI values to work for South African nonprofits

UMSI is celebrating GIEP in South Africa with a look at some of the program's exceptional projects. 

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