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Without protections, watch out for unintended consequences of COVID-19 immunity tests

A Q&A with Denise Anthony, incoming director of UMSI's Masters of Health Informatics program. 

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U-M researchers train tech tool to find relationship clues from written conversations

UMSI doctoral student Minje Choi explains how U-M researchers collaborated with Nokia Bell Labs to use crowdsourcing and a tech tool to detect how relationship characteristics are expressed in everyday language.

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Extreme interest in crowdsourced projects requires more traditional management

Collaborative crowdsourcing has become a popular way to advance a technology idea or to spin it off for new uses, but University of Michigan research shows when faced with extreme interest, team leaders must often rely on traditional organizational management structure to get the work done.

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Linking self-driving cars to traffic signals might help pedestrians give them the green light

UMSI's Lionel Robert, writing for The Conversation, suggests one way to help pedestrians trust and safely interact with autonomous vehicles may be to link the cars’ driving behavior to traffic lights.

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UMSI alumni lead public library digitization efforts amid COVID-19 pandemic

UMSI alumni across the nation are leading efforts to maximize access to public library resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read about the ways they're adapting programming and resources to support patrons.

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Sun Young Park Receives National Science Foundation CAREER Grant Award

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced that Sun Young Park is a recipient of the prestigious CAREER Grant Award.

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School of Public Health professor appointed director of Health Informatics

Professor Denise Anthony has been appointed the director of the Health Informatics master’s degree (MHI) program at the University of Michigan.

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Federal Court rules in favor of UMSI professor in discrimination research case

Christian Sandvig says the ruling means that those who research online companies no longer have to fear prosecution for the work they do to hold tech companies accountable for their practices.

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UMSI’s remote design challenge: Reduce fees for cashing COVID-19 relief checks

The City of Lansing is trying to help residents avoid or reduce fees when they cash their COVID-19 relief checks, and UMSI is calling on the school’s community of innovators to assist.

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UMSI student Amy Chew wins Best Poster Award at iConference 2020

Amy Chew, a Masters of Information student at UMSI, earned the Best Poster Award at the annual iConference.

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