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Dan Atkins standing outside of North Quad

Daniel Atkins receives Edward Law Emeritus Outstanding Service Award

“Few faculty members have had more impact both on the University and society more generally than Dan’s leadership in the acquisition and use of information technology.”

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Headshot of Libby Hemphill. "Published by Anti-Defamation League, Libby Hemphill, Associate Professor, 'Very Fine People: What Social Media Platforms Miss About White Supremacist Speech," UMSI logo.

Hate speech in social media: How platforms can do better

Libby Hemphill uncovers social media platforms’ shortcomings when it comes to white supremacist speech and recommends ways to improve automated hate speech identification methods.

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Speech bubbles with hedging words that reflect uncertainty. "New research, Communication (un)certainty in science news, UMSI logo"

UMSI researchers find journalists temper (un)certainty in science communications

UMSI scholars measure how scientific uncertainty is communicated in news articles, and tested whether or not scientific claims are exaggerated.

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Headshot of Irene Pasquetto. "Harvard Kennedy School, Misinformation Speaker Series, 'Disinformation as Infrastructure: Making and maintaining the QAnon conspiracy on Italian digital media,' Irene Pasquetto, Assistant professor of information, Wednesday February 23, noon eastern time."

Disinformation expert Irene Pasquetto gives talk at Harvard Kennedy School

Irene Pasquetto, misinformation and disinformation expert, is speaking at Harvard Kennedy School's "Misinformation Speakers Series" on February 23.

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Headshot of Joyojeet Pal. "Cited by The Hindu, Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal, 'Political campaigning hots up through social media,' UMSI logo."

Pal: The power of hashtags in political campaigns

The Hindu reports on a new study by Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal and colleagues, showing the power of hashtags in political elections.

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Headshots of Alexandria Rayburn and Andrea Thomer. "iConference 2022, Best Poster Award Finalists, 'The Craft of Database Curation: Taking Cues from Quiltmaking,' UMSI logo."

UMSI doctoral student finalist for Best Poster Award at iConference 2022

PhD student Alexandria Rayburn and Assistant Professor Andrea Thomer are finalists for Best Poster Award at the 2022 iConference. 

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Headshots of Xi Jessie Yang and Lionel Robert. "Quoted by AMSE, Assistant professor Xi Jessie Yang, Associate professor Lionel Robert, Are you ready to trust Robotic Systems?"

Yang and Robert: Are you ready to trust robots?

The age of robots is around the corner, but are humans ready? UMSI professors Xi Jessie Yang and Lionel Robert weigh in on how humans and robots can comfortably coexist.

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An attendee of the fall 2021 Citizen Interaction Design class final presentation expo interacts with a diorama created by the UMSI student team that aided the Ann Arbor Compost Center. The diorama, made with printouts and toy cars, displays the students’ added wayfinding markers throughout the composting facility and the simplifications they made to the facility’s pickup/dropoff kiosk.

UMSI students partner with Michigan communities to solve real-world information problems

Students in the University of Michigan School of Information’s Citizen Interaction Design class collaborated with organizations in Ferndale and Ann Arbor to provide citizen-focused solutions for streamlining communications, facilitating interactions with technology and fighting misinformation. 


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Headshot of Avalon Hu. UMSI logo. “Alumni Snapshot. Avalon Hu. Master of Science in Information, 2011.”

Avalon Hu on finding your passion and paving your way to success

2011 Master of Science in Information graduate Avalon Hu has fused her creativity and her passion for user experience into a career spanning companies on the forefront of innovation, from Disney to Adobe Illustrator. Learn how Avalon took advantage of unique internship and career development opportunities at UMSI to explore the broad paths open to her with an MSI degree. 

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Headshot of Tawanna Dillahunt. "Interviewed by Association for Computing Machinery, Tawanna Dillahunt, Associate Professor, People of ACM, Q&A, UMSI logo"

Dillahunt: Interdisciplinary work and connecting with communities

Tawanna Dillahunt recently talked with ACM about her background and her work with historically-excluded  communities.

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