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University of Michigan School of Information



Modern maker trend could spur aging brains

School of Information researchers set up and ran a maker space, logging 280 hours of observations and semi-structured interviews with participating residents.

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Humans, robot teams work better when there’s an emotional connection

Until now little has been known about whether groups that work with robots develop attachments, and if so, if such emotions affect team performance.

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Schaub wins PET award for work on privacy policies

Florian Schaub's paper earned the Caspar Bowden Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies

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Soo Young Rieh honored with Outstanding Contributions to Information Behavior Research Award


Associate professor Soo Young Rieh will be inducted into ASIS&T SIG-USE Academy of Fellows.

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Suicide among older adults in long-term care suggests more is needed to promote mental, social well-being

Assistant professor David Jurgens co-authored a study on suicides among adults who were living in, or planning to move to, long-term care centers.

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App documents behavior of special ed students

School districts are failing to accurately report when their most vulnerable students are being physically restrained or secluded.

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PhD candidate Megh Marathe awarded dissertation grant to study epilepsy

Microsoft has awarded Megh Marathe a grant to conduct an ethnographic study of people with epilepsy and clinical neurologists. 

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UMSI students help make civic tools work for Detroit residents

The City of Detroit enlisted UMSI students to contribute the user testing acumen necessary to ensure the voices of Detroit residents would be heard. 

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It's easier to trust automated vehicles when we know what they plan to do ahead of time


Robert and co-authors explore the implications of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" in a new book. 

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Moral concerns override desire to profit from finding a lost wallet

Alain Cohn and his team's test of honesty around the globe is featured in the journal Science.

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