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Headshot of Anel Nurkayeva. “Center for the Education of Women (CEW+). 2021-2022 Petar and Zdravka Zdravkovski Scholarship. Anel Nurkayeva. Master of Applied Data Science (MADS).” UMSI logo.

MADS student Anel Nurkayeva awarded CEW+ Petar and Zdravka Scholarship

Anel Nurkayeva, recent graduate of the University of Michigan School of Information's Master of Applied Data Science program, has earned the 2021-2022 Petar and Zdravka Zdravkovski scholarship through the Center for the Education of Women (CEW+). Get inspired by her wish and persistence to change the world through data science.

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A person lounges with a laptop open on their lap. The screen shows a graph, which they compare against information on their smartphone.

As Russia invades Ukraine, social media users 'fly to quality'

A swift drop in late February in social media engagement with content from "iffy" sources is prompting University of Michigan researchers to ask whether Facebook and Twitter users have been experiencing a "flight to news quality," or at least a flight away from less trustworthy sites, during that time — and if so, why.

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A Zoom background showing Burton Memorial Tower framed by tree branches covered in pink blossoms. A Block M logo with letters UMSI is overlaid in upper lefthand corner.

Get into the spring of things with UMSI’s new seasonal Zoom backgrounds

As Ann Arbor thaws, The University of Michigan School of Information is set to welcome spring and all its enchantment with new seasonally themed campus virtual backgrounds.

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Chloe Preble smiles and sits at a table in the Visualization Study at the James and Ann Duderstadt Center. An Oculus headset and controllers lay on the table in front of her.

User experience expert Chloe Preble develops intuitive learning experiences in extended reality

Master of Science in Information student Chloe Preble channels her user experience expertise into developing intuitive learning tools. Her drive to embrace the “Wild West” of new immersive technologies has led to important thesis work, presentation opportunities, and a bright future in the field of extended reality.

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Abstract digital illustration of a human figure comprised of variously sized nodes connected by straight lines of differing length. The figure is poised to kick a soccer ball illustrated in the same style. The background is plain yellow.

New Intro to Sports Analytics elective brings competitive edge to UMSI Master of Applied Data Science curriculum

University of Michigan School of Information faculty responded to Master of Applied Data Science students’ desire for more opportunities to work with sports analytics. They started with a Twitch stream on the subject — now, it’s a fully fledged course offering.

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Headshot of Joyojeet Pal. "Quoted by The Express Tribune. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. UMSI."

Pal: Conversations and questioning can combat disinformation in India elections

The Express Tribune reports about the recent misinformation campaign in India's political elections, and Joyojeet Pal explains how to disrupt the spread of disinformation. 

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Headshot of Robin Brewer. "National Science Foundation CAREER Award, Robin Brewer, Assistant Professor, UMSI logo."

Robin Brewer receives prestigious NSF CAREER award

Robin Brewer was awarded a prestigious NSF CAREER award for her research on making voice technology better for older adults. 

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Magnifying glass with UMSI logo and "Research" inside. "'How status of research papers affects the way they are read and cited,' Misha Teplitskiy, Assistant Professor.

Popular research papers influence future research more than hidden gem studies

Assistant professor Misha Teplitskiy and his colleagues uncover whether highly cited papers or hidden gems influence subsequent research. 

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Lucie Tatouskova standing on the University of Michigan Diag and wearing a maize and blue UMSI scarf.

Exchange student from Prague finds ‘I belong’ feeling at UMSI

In fall 2021, Lucie Tatoušková decided to leave the Prague University of Economics and Business and attend UMSI.

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Cartoon of person looking thoughtful while standing between working at home and working in an office.

Workers returning to the office become more optimistic about COVID-19 safety, say U-M experts

New research shows that as people inch closer to returning to work after staying home during the pandemic, they tend to downplay the risks of getting a COVID-19 infection.

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