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Ad-free, censorship-free social sites MeWe, Parler see surge in interest postelection

Since the Nov. 3 election, people—particularly President Trump supporters—have been flocking to social media platforms Parler and MeWe, which promise ad-free or uncensored experiences.

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UMSI students partner with Polaris and Sponsor United to create corporate solutions

During their capstone courses, BSI students Caroline Gilhool and Riley Maher applied their UMSI training to help Polaris and Sponsor United solve corporate problems.

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Voting counts: How UMSI grad students answered the question ‘Did you get my ballot?’

UMSI graduate students worked this summer on a pilot project to streamline the absentee voting process at four municipalities in the state: Oxford Township, Ferndale, Bay City and Northville Township.

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UMSI students help returning citizens get back to voting

UMSI students are working with the Michigan Secretary of State’s Voting Matters Initiative (VMI) to deliver better information about voting rights for returning citizens.

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UMSI to host 2020 ICHORA conference

A keynote address from UMSI Professor Margaret Hedstrom and a book launch for Senior Associate Dean Elizabeth Yakel are highlights of the International Conference on the History of Records and Archives.

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Why don't we click on some social media posts?

Why do we click on some social media posts but not on others, even if we've taken the time to read and think about them?

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Dillahunt named Outstanding Partner

Associate Professor Tawanna Dillahunt will be honored with the Eastside Community Network (ECN) Outstanding Partner Award.

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Online news needs a new pay model, UMSI study shows

Paramveer Dhillon, UMSI assistant professor, along with Sinan Aral from MIT, conducted an in-depth study of the current paywall design at a top U.S. newspaper. They say the results show it is time to move away from the status quo.

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UMSI researchers to present award-winning research at virtual 2020 CSCW

UMSI faculty and PhD students are presenting nearly two dozen papers, posters and workshops at the 2020 ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).

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Robert discusses the future of Human-Robot interactions with AAAS

In a member profile on the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) website, UMSI associate professor Lionel Robert says the only difference between science fiction and reality is time.

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