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People ‘fly to quality’ news on social sites when faced with uncertainty

When information becomes a matter of life or death or is key to navigating economic uncertainty, it appears people turn to tried and true sources of information rather than iffy sites.

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Alain Cohn research on global honesty receives European honor

UMSI assistant professor Alain Cohn’s research on “Civic Honesty Around the World” has received the 2020 Diligentia Prize from Germany’s Diligentia Foundation for Empirical Research.

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New way to measure educational success: 'Student capital'

Researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with a new way to measure educational success by looking at the total effect of the many traits and abilities it takes for students to be successful in school. 

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UMSI research to be featured at fifth annual FTC PrivacyCon

Three studies conducted by researchers from the Security Privacy Interaction Lab (spilab) at UMSI will be presented at the Federal Trade Commission’s annual PrivacyCon.

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UMSI disagrees with Homeland Security policy affecting international students

UMSI expresses strong disagreement with the temporary policy announced July 6 by the Department of Homeland Security, to restrict the educational opportunities for international students. 

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UMSI faculty receive promotions

Six UMSI faculty promotions were approved at the May 2020 meeting of the University of Michigan Board of Regents and went into effect on July 1.

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UMSI online MADS degree opens for winter admissions

Applications are now open for the winter cohort of UMSI’s online Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) program.

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Knight Foundation announces funding for University of Michigan project to support research on internet governance

The project will focus on research to inform the public conversation on current issues in technology policy, including free expression online and the scale and power of digital platforms.

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Nominate a UMSI staff member for the Outstanding Staff Recognition Award

Nominations have opened for the 9th annual UMSI Outstanding Staff Recognition Award.

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Announcing a public health-informed fall semester for the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan plans to offer a public health-informed in-residence semester this fall.

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