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Alumni Snapshot: Jeff Tang. Master of Science in Information, 2005. Team designer at Roku.

UMSI alum Jeff Tang: “Network, be nice to other people and always keep learning”

Jeff Tang is a 2005 Master of Science in Information graduate who currently works at Roku, helping design user interface kits. In his alumni snapshot, he shares his favorite memories at UMSI and advice for students.

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"Quoted by Pennsylvania Capital-Star, Associate professor Libby Hemphill, 'Mastriano courting voters on Gab pushes the GOP further right, experts say'" in quote bubble pointing at headshot of Libby Hemphill.

Hemphill: Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee’s use of far-right social media pushes acceptability boundaries

Social media and hate-speech expert Libby Hemphill tells the Pennsylvania Capital-Star that a Republican politician’s collaboration with far-right social media site Gab pushes the Republican Party further right.

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"Quoted by Bridge Michigan, Associate professor Sophia Brueckner, 'Delta launches high-tech screen at Detroirt Metro with personal flight data'" Headshot of Sophia Brueckner.

Brueckner: A new high-tech screen at Detroit airport seems harmless but consumers should be skeptical

Associate professor Sophia Brueckner says a new screen that shows 100 travelers their flight information at the same time isn’t just a neat gimmick– it has implications for data privacy.

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"U-M researchers look at the ethics and equity of one-sided health monitoring of delivery workers during COVID" Picture of a food delivery worker wearing a red shirt, mask and gloves handing over a delivery to a customer who is not wearing any protective gear.

Widespread tracking of health data from gig workers creates issues in ethics, equality, and data privacy

New research by doctoral candidate Anubha Singh examines the ethics and equity of data collection for food delivery gig workers in India during the COVID-19 crisis.


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2022 UMSI Employment Reports available now.

UMSI graduates report high satisfaction, salary increases in new report

With labor markets improving, University of Michigan School of Information graduates are landing innovative and professional jobs in a wide range of work settings, reporting high satisfaction rates, increased salaries and positive outcomes for Master of Applied Data Science students.

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Magnifying glass cartoon with "UMSI Research" inside, "AR Exhibitions for Sensitive Narratives: Designing an Immersive Exhibition for the Museum of Memory in Colombia" Headshot of Michael Nebeling, Assistant Professor.

Is augmented reality technology suitable for sensitive museum exhibitions?

Michael Nebeling and colleagues work with museum staff to determine how AR technology can be used to create an immersive, yet sensitive exhibit depicting first-hand experiences of armed conflict in Colombia.

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A person sits up in bed and uses a laptop in a dark room.

Examining the characteristics of a 'cyberbully'

UMSI PhD candidate Song Mi Lee joined the Michigan Minds podcast as part of a social responsibility series to provide insight on her research on disinformation and misinformation on social media, and to share findings from her recent work on online harassment.

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"Essay in The Regulatory Review, Assistant professor Abigail Jacobs, 'The Hidden Governance in AI.'"  Headshot of Abigail Jacobs.

Jacobs: Oversight is needed for government use of artificial intelligence

Abigail Jacobs, an expert in inequality in sociotechnical systems, writes an opinion piece in The Regulatory Review about the issues with government AI systems, and how it could improve.

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Quoted by the Washington Post: Associate Professor Daniel Romero "Retractions aren't a panacea for bad research"

Romero: Retractions often too late to stop spread of bad information

A new study  from UMSI and Northwestern University reveals that research which is later discredited often receives outsized attention, and readers are rarely aware of retractions.


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"Quoted by NPR- Michigan Radio, Assistant professor Patricia Garcia, 'How you can protect yourself online, post-Roe'" Headshot of Patricia Garcia.

Garcia: In a post-Roe world, people need to guard their privacy online

Patricia Garcia tells Michigan Radio that online activity could be used to prosecute those searching for abortion services. She explains how to keep data private.

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