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Jenny Ney sits on an armchair, smiling while holding a baby and a French horn.

Jenny Ney jumpstarts her second career with the Master of Applied Data Science program

A successful freelance classical musician, Jenny Ney turned her sights toward a career in data science during the COVID-19 pandemic. UMSI’s Master of Applied Data Science program has been a great fit, providing the foundational training and flexibility she needed to hit the ground running.

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Headshots of Alexandria Rayburn and Andrea Thomer. "iConference 2022, Best Poster Award, 'The Craft of Database Curation: Taking Cues from Quiltmaking,' UMSI logo."

Rayburn and Thomer bring home Best Poster award from iConference

Alexandria Rayburn and Andrea Thomer earn Best Poster award at the 2022 iConference.

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Diane Hummel smiling outdoors, wearing a scarf. “Alumni Snapshot. Diane Hummel. Master of Information and Library Science, 1992.” UMSI logo.

Diane Hummel on looking in unconventional spaces for the career of your dreams

1992 MILS graduate Diane Hummel spent decades applying UMSI skills at Spectrum Health to create a central library collection that would benefit both nurses and patients. She has advice for students looking for information service jobs. 

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Headshot of Priti Shah. "Named, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Priti Shah, Professor" UMSI logo.

UMSI professor Priti Shah named Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Priti Shaw, professor of information at UMSI, has been named an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education. 

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Four students standing around a table and writing with markers

Design Jam: Connecting students with venture capitalists

Innovation-minded students of all majors filled the UMSI Engagement Center recently to create ideas for connecting with University of Michigan alumni investors. 

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Headshot of Kaiwen Sun "2022 Meta PhD Fellowship Award, Kaiwen Sun, PhD Student, UMSI logo"

UMSI doctoral student Kaiwen Sun awarded prestigious Meta Fellowship

Kaiwen Sun was awarded a highly-competitive Meta PhD Fellowship award for her research on understanding and supporting children’s privacy and safety needs in smart home environments.

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Headshot of Silvia Lindtner. "UMSI logo, Francis L.K. Hsu Book Prize and Joseph Levenson Prize, Silvia Lindtner, Associate Professor, 'Prototype Nation: China and the Contested Promise of Innovation'"

Silvia Lindtner earns two awards for her book “Prototype Nation: China and the Contested Promise of Innovation”

Silvia Lindtner has earned two prestigious awards for her book, "Prototype Nation: China and the Contested Promise of Innovation." 

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Headshot of Allen Flynn, new director of the Masters of Health Informatics program and the University of Michigan School of Information

Allen Flynn mixes information and pharmacy expertise to create a fitting prescription for MHI Director

Allen Flynn brings his expertise in pharmacy practice and information science together as the new Director of the Masters of Health Informatics program at UMSI.

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Headshot of Ron Eglash. “AI at Africa’s Crossroads: Extractive or Generative Future? Ron Eglash. UMSI professor of information. Closing keynote address for The International Workshop on Social Impact of AI for Africa. Saturday, February 26. Virtual event.”

Eglash to deliver keynote address at at AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Ron Eglash will deliver the closing keynote address, titled "AI at Africa's Crossroads: Extractive or Generative Future?," at the International Workshop on Social Impact of AI for Africa on Saturday, Feb. 26. The workshop is part of the 36th annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, taking place virtually from Vancouver, British Columbia. 

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Lionel Robert

It's complicated: People emotionally tied to robots can undermine relationships with co-workers

Emotional bonds between humans and robots can be detrimental as workers become more attached to the robot than their colleagues. 

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