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Yao Wei dressed in graduation gown stands outside of an auditorium on University of Michigan campus with her husband and son on her graduation day. She holds a decorated graduation cap.

MADS portfolio project helps student launch data science career

2022 Master of Applied Data Science graduate Yao Wei became a data scientist at Ford while still a student in the program by dazzling interviewers with new skills she learned from her UMSI courses.

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“The outcry over Elon. How Twitter may evolve & why it matters. U-M School of Information Professor Cliff Lampe, PhD joins Nikki Sunstrum, U-M Director of Social Media and Public Engagement, to discuss the recent purchase of Twitter, pandemic social media behavior, and the importance of digital literacy.” Semi-transparent digital illustration of the Earth superimposed over a celestial background.

UMSI's Cliff Lampe on Twitter's evolution and 'The Outcry Over Elon'

In this episode of Michigan Minds, UMSI professor Cliff Lampe joins U-M director of social media and public engagement Nikki Sunstrum to discuss Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter, post-pandemic social media usage and behavior, and the importance of digital literacy and education.

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"Face of UMSI: Matthieu Lienart, Master of Applied Data Science." Matthieu Lienart climbing a cliff face in mountain climbing gear.

Cloud engineer Matthieu Lienart balances work and learning with the flexible MADS program

Master of Applied Data Science student Matthieu Lienart helps customers develop cloud native applications while studying data science.

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Purple background with photo of Yulin Yu. Text reads: "Gendered Citation Patterns Among the Scientific Elite."

Researchers find gender disparities limit academic reach and recognition

The scholarly influence of women looks very different from men in the elite sciences, according to research from UMSI and USC. The study reveals continuing challenges for gender equality in scientific research.


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Cited by The Guardian. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. Bollywood under siege as rightwing social media boycotts start to bite.

Pal: Ghost accounts are using misinformation to boycott Bollywood

Joyojeet Pal, an expert on the role of technology in democracy and labor, is cited in the Guardian on a hate speech campaign to delegitimize Bollywood and spread right-wing ideology.

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Mike and Lisa Burke with their three daughters dressed in University of Michigan apparel, standing outside.

Parents of twins donate to UMSI, Kinesiology in honor of daughters

Lisa and Mike Burke, parents of Kara and Kelsey Burke, made an endowed scholarship gift to both the School of Kinesiology and the School of Information at the University of Michigan. The Hong Burke Scholarship fund will support U-M students in finishing their education.

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Professor Tanya Rosenblat smiles at the camera. She is standing in front of a brick building on the University of Michigan campus.

Tanya Rosenblat appointed academic program director of Bachelor of Science in Information program

Professor Rosenblat has a long history with the UMSI undergraduate program, and was instrumental in the development of its curriculum. 

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"Aunties, Strangers, and the FBI: Online Privacy Concerns and Experiences of Muslim-American Women. UMSI Researchers, Tanisha Afnan, Yixin Zou, Mustafa Naseem, Florian Schaub." UMSI Research in a magnifying glass graphic.

Understanding unique privacy concerns for Muslim-American women can improve digital design

In a new study, UMSI researchers uncover unique privacy concerns Muslim-American women face online. Their work can help designers to better protect privacy for all people.

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Alumnus Rodger Devine sits across the desk from a current UMSI student. He is masked but speaking animatedly.

UMSI boards combined, expanding capacity for success

The University of Michigan School of Information is combining the external advisory board and the alumni society board into one entity, creating more opportunities for industry leaders to help guide UMSI into the future.

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Community college students Deisy Magana and Yessenia Satana Perez take a selfie while eating dinner at the Mosher-Jordan Dining Hall during the UMSI Community College Summer Institute program on Monday, June 6, 2022.

UMSI summer sessions introduce students to information science

University of Michigan School of Information outreach programs help potential UMSI students see themselves as future information scholars.

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