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University of Michigan School of Information



UMSI researchers take 2 Best Paper awards and 5 honorable mentions at CSCW 2019

UMSI faculty and PhD students are presenting more than three dozen papers, posters and workshops at the Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

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Computer science classes can break down cultural differences, study shows

UMSI's Kentaro Toyama is co-author of a CSCW 2019 paper which has received an honorable mention award.

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$1 million in grant funding for groundbreaking research on data curation

This project is one of the first large scale empirical studies of the impact and data curation ever conducted.

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New grant from IRWG expands Sandvig’s MCubed project

The Future of Ethics, Computing and Society MCubed project gets a boost from IRWG.

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Yan Chen to deliver keynote address at Economic Science Association Conference

UMSI professor Yan Chen will deliver a keynote address at the Economic Science Association (ESA) North American meetings in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 12. 

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When ‘what’s on your mind’ is tragic, not happy – sharing sad news on social media

Nazanin Andalibi wrote a piece for "The Conversation" about how individuals share, or don't share, information after experiencing pregnancy loss. 

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CSCW “recommends” early Paul Resnick research

Paul Resnick will receive the “CSCW Lasting Impact Award” for groundbreaking research he co-authored in 1994.

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Mustafa Naseem Receives Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Grant

Naseem secured two $100,000 grants to fund a machine learning-based anomaly detection algorithm to identify errors in electronic immunization data in Pakistan.

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Professor Ron Eglash to present at the National Tribal Energy Summit

In his talk on Ethnocomputing and Indigenous Knowledge, Eglash will outline his work with students using culturally situated design tools.

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Ericson talks women in computer science with BBC World Service

Ericson chats about her observations in academia and how schools can do a better job at including women in computer science.

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