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A photo outside of Northquad showing an open, grass field with a sidewalk.

Donor gifts pave way for student internship success

More than $120,000 was awarded to students, allowing them to pursue their dream internships without the burden of financial barriers.

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"UMSI News." A photo of seven students walking on campus.

LearningClues revolutionizes how students learn from lectures

Developed by UMSI professor Perry Samson and associate professor Kevyn Collins-Thompson, LearningClues is revolutionizing the way students learn. 

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Ricky Punzalan smiling and standing in between two bookshelves.

Ricky Punzalan appointed to Library of Congress American Folklife Center’s Board of Trustees

Punzalan is looking forward to bringing his passion for community archives and digital curation to this appointment.

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A photo of KT on Jeopardy. KT Lowe. Master of Science in Information, 2011. Assistant Librarian for Instruction at Indiana University East.

Alumni Snapshot: KT Lowe

2011 Master of Science in Information grad KT Lowe talks about her experience at UMSI, her time on Jeopardy and how to “do the thing that matters to you.”

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Quoted by Salon. Associate professor Libby Hemphill. " “In Elon Musk's chaotic Twitter reign, right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists are back.”

Hemphill: ‘There aren’t enough social consequences for being hateful’

UMSI associate professor of information Libby Hemphill talks with Salon about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

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The Association for Computing Machinery. ACM Distinguished Member. Silvia Lindtner. Associate Professor.

Silvia Lindtner named ACM Distinguished Member

Lindtner, along with 67 other members, is recognized “for work that has spurred innovation, enhanced computer science education and moved the field forward.”

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UMSI Graduate Guarantee, for the Master of Science in Information (MSI) or Master of Health Informatics (MHI)

U-M School of Information extends free tuition program to include graduate programs

UMSI is now offering free graduate school tuition in two programs for full-time students who were awarded the University of Michigan Go Blue Guarantee grant as undergraduates. 

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Quoted by Washington Post. Professor Kentaro Toyama. Meta's new AI is skilled at a ruthless, power-seeking game.

Toyama: Is artificial intelligence bringing us closer to dystopia?

Toyama, an expert on human computer interaction, discusses the dangers of AI with the Washington Post. 

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Quoted by Spectator. Professor Lionel Robert. Cyborg assassins: Robots granted a license to kill.

Robert: Will robots' mistakes harm our trust in them?

UMSI professor Lionel Robert is featured in an article about a new policy by the San Francisco Police Department that allows robots to kill if someone poses a deadly threat.

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Mercury Project Grant, Targeting health misinformation networks: Network-transforming interventions for reducing the spread of health misinformation online. UMSI. Eric Gilbert, Ceren Budak, Sarita Schoenebeck

UMSI faculty awarded Mercury Project grant to fight health disinformation

UMSI researchers join the Mercury Project to combat mis- and disinformation on public health, including vaccines. Their project focuses on targeting misinformation networks on social media.


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