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Quoted by Fortune. Lecturer Merve Hickok. A widely use AI image training database contained explicit pictures of children. Experts warn that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Hickok: The race to innovate in AI is leading to consequences


Explicit photos of children were used to train AI image-generation tools. UMSI lecturer and AI ethics expert Merve Hickok says these are the repercussions of releasing AI models “without safeguards in place.” 

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A graphic with a laurel, headshots of eight staff members, the UMSI logo and the text "Awarded: Distinguished Diversity Leaders"

UMSI staff honored with Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award


For developing a comprehensive web resource on religious holidays, a team of UMSI staff has received recognition from U-M. 

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Andrea forte poses in a room at Rackham near a large window and red curtains

Get to know Andrea Forte, new dean of the School of Information


In her garden, Andrea Forte has learned to embrace “the joy in slow growth.” In the field of information science, growth is rapid — and Forte is quick to adapt. She says UMSI’s mission is more necessary now than ever.

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UMSI Professor Kentaro Toyama was featured by The Conversation.

AI is here – and everywhere: 3 AI researchers look to the challenges ahead in 2024


UMSI professor Kentaro Toyama joins a panel of AI scholars to look ahead to 2024 and describe the issues AI developers, regulators and everyday people are likely to face, and to give their hopes and recommendations.

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Quoted by Logically Facts. Associate professor Joyojeet Pal. Rise of AI-driven misinformation in 2023: Navigating a new era of digital perception.

Pal: AI is helping spread misinformation. Now what?


Pal speaks with Logically Facts about the alarming and rapid use of artificial intelligence to create effective misinformation campaigns on social media. 

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Featured by Game Changer Podcast. Associate professor Alain Cohn. Fortune's Fairness: The super rich's view on inequality.

Cohn: Alain Cohn featured on Game Changer Podcast


In the episode, Cohn discusses wealth, fairness and his research on behavioral and experimental economics. 

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Quoted by The Wall Street Journal. Associate Professor Silvia Lindtner. America had 'quiet quitting.' In China, young people are 'letting it rot.'

Lindtner: China’s youth are “lying flat” to protest China’s work culture


Lindtner discusses why China’s young adults and fresh graduates are “lying flat” and “letting it rot.” 

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Quoted by Forbes. Professor Cliff Lampe. "Putin's deepfake doppelganger highlights the danger of the technology.

Lampe: Deepfake is making it harder and harder to identify disinformation


UMSI professor Cliff Lampe is interviewed by Forbes about an artificial intelligence technology that’s making videos of politicians difficult to trust. 

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Four students wearing blue sweatshirts stand in the indoor conservatory at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, surrounded by greenery.

SO-ELL program nurtures student-led projects


A new UMSI program has created a symbiotic relationship between student organizations that need real-world projects, and clients like Matthaei Botanical Gardens that need solutions. 

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Selected 2023 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Rising Star. Jane Im. Doctoral Candidate.

Jane Im selected as 2023 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Rising Star


UMSI doctoral candidate returned from the academic career workshop with advice on navigating the job market. 

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