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"Expo '22. UMSI 2022 Annual Student Project Virtual Exposition."

2022 UMSI Student Project Exposition award recipients announced

Students earned awards in categories including innovation and entrepreneurship, community engagement, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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"Commentary in New York Magazine, Associate professor Silvia Lindtner, 'Locked Down in Shanghai.'" Photo of Silvia Lindtner

Lindtner: An inside look at the Shanghai COVID lockdown

For two years, Shanghai was a model example of how to manage life during a pandemic. That changed in March. Silvia Lindtner describes life in lockdown in China’s largest and most cosmopolitan city.


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Headshot of Doug Fridsma. "Graduation 2022, UMSI logo, Doug Fridsma, Commencement Speaker, Head of Government Partnerships, Datavant, Former President and CEO, AMIA, Former Chief Science Officer, office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Sunday May 1, 4 pm EDT, Hill Auditorium." Firework graphic in corner.

Doug Fridsma to speak at 2022 commencement

Dr. Doug Fridsma, an expert in health informatics and health information technology, will be the 2022 UMSI commencement speaker. 

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Headshot of Nicole Ellison. "Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Nicole Ellison, Karl E Weick Collegiate Professor" UMSI logo

Nicole Ellison named editor-in-chief of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Nicole Ellison was named the new editor-in-chief of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 

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Headshot of Julie Darling. "UMSI. Alumni Snapshot. Julie Darling. Master of Science in Information, 2005."

Julie Darling on finding your niche and cultivating a lifetime of learning

2005 Master of Science in Information graduate Julie Darling is inspiring the next generation of innovators by bringing her makerspace expertise to A2 STEAM, a K-8 school that utilizes project-based learning for instruction. 

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Headshot of Tawanna Dillahunt. "Guest on, Microsoft Research Podcast, Associate professor Tawana Dillahunt, 'Just Tech: Centering Community-Driven Innovation at the Margins,'" UMSI logo.

Dillahunt: Developing technology with, not for, communities

Tawanna Dillahunt was a guest on the Microsoft Research podcast to talk about the promises and challenges of building technology with, rather than for, society. 

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Headshot of Sarita Schoenebeck. "Quoted by WIRED, Associate professor, Sarita Schoenebeck, 'This is How Twitter's Edit Button Can Actually Work,'" UMSI logo.

Schoenebeck: An edit button for tweets raises a number of issues

In WIRED, Sarita Schoenebeck highlights the issues and solutions surrounding the creation of a Twitter edit button.

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Headshot of Mark Ackerman. "Quoted by Connected World, Mark Ackerman, Professor, 'HCI and designing for democracy,'" UMSI logo.

Ackerman: Can HCI help build a democratic internet?

Mark Ackerman talks to Connected World about how HCI could help build a democratic internet for all. 

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MADS students Stacey Bruestle, Stephen Ontko, David Hernandez and Daniel Best holding to-go coffees outside a coffee shop

MADS students and faculty build thriving online community

Online degree programs don’t have to be lonely. Students and faculty in the University of Michigan School of Information’s fully online Master of Applied Data Science have built a supportive network centered on open communication and collaboration.

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Magnifying glass with UMSI logo and "Research" inside. "New health informatics papers, Health Informatics interventions to minimize out-of-pocket medication costs for patients: What providers want, and, 'It's a mess sometimes': Patient perspectives on provider responses to healthcare costs, and how informatics interventions can help support cost-sensitive care decisions."

How can I pay for that? Researchers seek technology solutions to provide real-time health care costs and affordability resources for US patients

U-M researchers uncover the barriers that both patients and healthcare providers face in understanding healthcare costs. New informatics technology could provide more cost transparency, sooner. 

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