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"National Science Foundation CAREER Award, David Jurgens, Assistant Professor." Headshot of David Jurgens.

David Jurgens receives prestigious NSF CAREER award

A NSF CAREER grant will fund research by David Jurgens into uncovering the positive effects of social media on people’s well-being.

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"Cited by InQueensland, Professor Paul Resnick, 'Fly me to the moon- or Mars, or anywhere else that might help us all find some common ground.'" Headshot of Paul Resnick

Resnick: With more information, society can feel greater isolation

The author of a recent editorial piece laments the fracture of society, and wonders if we can ever come together? He cites professor Paul Resnick’s research on how the limitless information on the internet can divide people. 


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“MADS applicants with relevant degrees can now waive entrance assessments.” Three figures follow a dotted line up mountains to reach a flag with a Block M at the top.

MADS applicants with relevant degrees can now waive entrance assessments

UMSI is making it easier for applicants with undergraduate and graduate degrees in information science, computer science and engineering to join the Master of Applied Data Science program with the option to waive programming and statistics entrance assessments.

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Expo ' 22: UMSI 2022 Annual Student Project Virtual Exposition

‘Solving problems together for a better society:’ 2022 student project exposition celebrates innovation and collaboration

University of Michigan School of Information students presented more than 60 projects at the virtual student exposition, boasting collaborations with nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies and local governments.

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Loretta wearing a yellow shirt and smiling. "Loretta Parham, Master of Arts in Library Science, 1977. CEO and library director, Robert W. Woodruff Library."

Loretta Parham on being open to new opportunities and not getting ‘trapped in a lane’

Loretta Parham is a 1977 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Library and Information Science, now the School of Information. At UMSI, Loretta gained the skills she needed to become a successful library administrator.

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"National Science Foundation CAREER Award, Barbara Ericson, Assistant professor." Headshot of Barbara Ericson.

Barbara Ericson receives prestigious NSF CAREER award

Assistant professor Barb Ericson continues her cutting edge research into making computer science education accessible for all students. She was awarded a prestigious CAREER award from NSF to further her research.

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"Quoted by Protocol, Assistant professor Nazanin Andalibi, 'Why emotion AI sets off warning bells, but sentiment analysis does not.'" Headshot of Nazanin Andalibi.

Andalibi: Should AI technologies be used to detect emotions?

Nazanin Andalibi says that replacing problematic facial recognition technology means a shift to other sensitive data. Instead, she says that identifying emotions with AI tech requires an integrated approach that focuses on reducing bias concerns.

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“Congratulations to recipients of the 2022 UMSI Student Awards. Nida Hameed. MSI ’22. William Luna. BSI ’22. Oleg Nikolsky. MADS ’22. Dana Reik. MSI ’22.”

UMSI grads earn special honors

Four 2022 graduates earn awards for excellence.

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Cartoon drawing of two fists colliding. The fists are a compilation of many silhouetted faces overlapping to make the shape of the fists and arms.

Mentioning ‘white privilege’ increases online polarization

Doctoral students Christopher Quarles and Lia Bozarth investigated how the term "white privilege" affects communication. They found that the term elicits an emotional response with study participants.

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CHI 2022 Honorable Mention CollabAlly: Accessible Collaboration Awareness in Document Editing. UMSI author: Anhong Guo. A headshot of Anhong Guo

Making collaborative online document editing accessible to blind users

The CollabAlly extension pulls together visual information in collaborative editing environments and makes them easy to access and navigate with audio cues.

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