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Need to settle old scores shows up in iffy social media content during pandemic, election

Social media content spread by "iffy" news sources during the height of the pandemic and election shows a proliferation of "axe-grinding" stories with an extremely conservative political bent.

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Lampe: Facebook has responsibility to crack down on extremism and misinformation

UMSI professor Cliff Lampe tells the Chicago Tribune that Facebook needs to step up its self-regulation to prevent the spread of misinformation and extremism.

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The unintended consequence of online schooling: Loss of cultural values

Kristin Fontichiaro, clinical associate professor at UMSI, explains how bringing the classroom into the home via videoconference has tested the parent-teacher-school dynamic.

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UMSI students bring accurate COVID-19 data to Michigan citizens

Four UMSI seniors are undertaking an ambitious project to help empower Michigan citizens through access to accurate COVID-19 data.

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UMSI to receive funding for two anti-racism faculty positions

UMSI will hire two new faculty positions as part of the University of Michigan Anti-Racism Faculty Hiring Initiative.

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The importance of iconography and text: Research that impacted new privacy law

A groundbreaking law that gives consumers more agency over the sale of their private information was updated in California this week, and it reflects the work of two university teams, including researchers from UMSI.

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UMSI statement on anti-Asian violence

The School of Information issued a statement regarding recent anti-Asian violence.

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UMSI sets April 29 graduation with live watch parties for grads

The School of Information will host virtual graduation ceremonies on Thursday, April 29.

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Pasquetto: Focus on profits behind disinformation spread on social media

UMSI assistant professor Irene Pasquetto was interviewed by Columbia Journalism Review in a piece about how social media algorithms accelerate the spread of disinformation.

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Thomer: Non-academics need better tools to navigate information spaces

UMSI assistant professor Andrea Thomer published an essay on about the challenges faced by people searching for useful information in a time of information overload.

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