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University of Michigan School of Information


Ideal Clients and Projects

UMSI aims to be transparent in what makes a successful project and collaboration experience for students and clients. 

Ideal/Successful Client Collaborations

  • Client organization and points-of-contact are collaborative and responsive to students throughout the project
  • Specific problem or issue already decided on, and clients are open to research and recommendations
  • Primary and secondary points-of-contact are committed and communicative
  • Client organization has 5+ employees
  • Client can provide an introduction to stakeholders and users for interviews and data gathering if necessary to project success
  • Client can provide access to organizational data, systems and resources necessary to project completion
  • Client systems are stable (small updates during projects may be workable)
  • Projects are important, impactful, and not mission-critical
  • Clients agree to the client agreement (

Out-of-Scope Client Collaborations

  • Updating social media content
  • Creating videos or media
  • Conducting market research
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Designing and deploying surveys (this is often part of a project, but this would not be the focus of a project)
  • Program evaluation
  • Data collection
  • Data entry
  • Developing/building entire websites
  • Database/data source connecting (projects may have elements of these but this would not be the focus of a project)
  • Large scale application deployments
  • Projects that include upcoming launches or quickly shifting iterations (will majorly impact system stability for students)
  • Digitizing or scanning documents and collections

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